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'Skincare that is guided by the search for beauty with nature at heart'
Founder, Jeanette Grøn Thottrup


We believe ingredients that grow spontaneously in nature carry a strong energy force. That’s why we go the extra mile to supercharge our skincare with potent wild elements foraged sustainably from land and sea.

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Take recently discovered, Pseudoalteromonas Exopolysaccharide, a molecule extracted from a marine ferment that functions just like a hyaluronic acid to retain water and actively hydrate the skin. Obtained through biotechnology, this innovative ingredient provides immediate and long-lasting moisture in products like The Golden Dew and The Dew Mist. To detoxify the skin, we turn to one of nature’s greatest remedies: green marine clay. In The Divine Cleanse it works like a magnet to extract impurities, whilst its high mineral and marine plankton content have a myriad of other beneficial properties including promoting collagen production, reducing inflammation and toning and regenerating the skin. There’s a lot we can learn from the wild and how plants and animals adapt to harsh and changing environments, and much we can glean in harmony with nature. At Seed to Skin we never stop exploring.


Nourishing your skin is just like feeding your body – you need a healthy, balanced regimen to keep it in shape. Singular ingredients have specific, and therefore limited, benefits, whilst an over-abundance of them can overwhelm and congest your skin. We focus on blending the highest quality and the ideal quantity to make skincare that does exactly what it’s intended: get results.

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Much like chefs in the kitchen, we experiment, blend, try and try again until we get the recipe just right. We only use the most innovative, purest and efficacious ingredients and we don’t make compromises on amounts, but utilize the highest possible concentrations clinically proven to enhance and regenerate your skin. And while time may be of essence, we don’t rush the process. All Seed to Skin products are handmade in Tuscany at our onsite laboratory and embody the highest standards of Made in Italy for their craftsmanship and authenticity.


Molecule size is a true change-maker in skincare. Even the highest quality natural ingredients only achieve results if they can penetrate specific layers of the skin. We rely on cutting-edge technology to extract the right-sized mix of molecules and formulate our products to deliver them exactly where they need to go.

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For example, we incorporate three different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid in The Golden Dew and The Dew Mist: 200,000 dalton, 5,000 dalton and the smallest natural molecular weight of 2,000 dalton. This effective trio of hyaluronic acids replenishes every layer with moisture, keeping your skin healthy, plumped and firm while vanquishing fine lines and giving you that sought-after dewy glow. In The Midnight Miracle repair oil, encapsulated sodium hyaluronate acid (40,000 dalton) and rosehip oil work in tandem to regenerate cells and attract water molecules deep below the surface where they thoroughly rejuvenate and hydrate the skin.

  • 'Seed to Skin Tuscany keeps its promises and is a genuine story: each element is the result of passionate scientific pursuit proven by clinical studies.'

    Cosmetic Scientist, Dr. Anna Buonocore
  • 'The spa trip that made me change my beauty routine forever.'

    The Telegraph
  • 'Seed to Skin Tuscany really feels like true luxury.'

    Glamour - Niomi Smart

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    • up to 30% of increase of collagen production
    • up to 19.6% increase of skin elasticity
    • up to 19.6% increase of skin elasticity
    • up to 19.6% increase of skin elasticity

    • The Cure
      The Cure

      The Cure

      Molecular Cell Regeneration Complex
      208 - 50 ml
    • TheAlcheMist1-min

      The Alche’Mist™

      Super Active Serum Spray
      175 - 100 ml
      The Black Magic

      The Black Magic

      Detoxifying Oxygen Therapy
      149 - 50 ml
    • STS_ClarityCleanse-Clear1

      The Clarity Cleanse

      Resurfacing Enzyme Treatment
      90 - 100 ml

    Naturally pure. Scientifically proven. Honestly effective.

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    Naturally pure. Scientifically proven. Honestly effective.

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