• seed to skin by borgo santo pietro cosmetics
  • seed to skin by borgo santo pietro cosmetics
  • seed to skin by borgo santo pietro cosmetics
  • seed to skin by borgo santo pietro cosmetics

Our History

Our dedication to healing is deeply interwoven within the DNA of our Tuscan Borgo Santo Pietro Estate which dates back to 1129.

Originally a sanctuary of health for medieval pilgrims, where villagers grew wild herbs and used them to make remedies for those in need of recovery, Borgo Santo Pietro is now our award-winning luxury spa hotel and organic farm from which our skincare line has originated.

Our Laboratory

Within our state-of-the-art laboratory, there is ample flexibility for experimentation, study and research with the purest of botanicals and raw ingredients.  The formulation of our hand-crafted products is in constant evolution to extract the best from nature while using science to obtain proven results.

Compromise is not an option for us.

Our Farm

Our philosophy of nurture via nature and spirit of collaboration is tangibly felt through the teamwork of our farmers and gardeners.  We have worked arduously for the past 15 years cultivating and developing our Borgo Santo Pietro estate, elevating it to organic standards. From the initial transplanting of 200,000 trees in the formal gardens and orchards to the expanse of today’s 220-acre estate, we are steadfast in maintaining the eco-balance of the land and the integrity of the soil.

Ethical Sourcing

At Seed to Skin we create highly effective, nutrient-rich skincare using only the purest natural raw ingredients.  We source many of our materials on our 220 acre Borgo Santo Pietro organic farm, its Tuscan environs and other organic cultivators from around the world.

The 100% natural wild ingredients come from the very best sustainable and environmentally conscious natural providers, and where we are able, we offer support to micro-farms world wide.

We source wild or organically farmed ingredients wherever possible on land and sustainable marine elements from the deep sea.  The soil and clean water are the protagonists in healthy effective natural skincare which is why their provenance is everything to us.

Founder's Story - Jeanette Thottrup

For over 17 years, I have been a passionate advocate of the power of natural remedies. During my many years of research and study, I found that there is still so much untapped potential for natural ingredients within the realm of skincare.  Until very recently, the beauty industry could typically be split into two camps:  either all-natural-organic or high-tech science.  No one seemed to be effectively blending the two; nature and science sat apart from each other like oil and water.  Armed with enthusiasm and determination I decided to create a skincare line that would contain a wealth of natural benefits but would not sacrifice efficacy.  I realised the only way to achieve something truly unique and that would provide transparent results, was to have our own laboratory which we proceeded to build on the Borgo Santo Pietro estate. Over the past five years, I worked together with a team of experts including our scientist, our aromatherapist, a doctor, a herbalist and a beauty editor, as well as our spa manager of eight years.  Together we have combined my longtime knowledge of natural ingredients with scientific expertise to form a natural molecular system, where nature meets science.  It is with great pride that we introduce Seed to Skin.

Dr Anna Buonocore – Pharmacist and Cosmetologist

Having obtained a PhD from the University of Siena in 1998 in both Pharmacy and Cosmetic Science and Technology, Dr Anna Buonocore had over 15 years laboratory experience when she joined us at Seed to Skin. “Seed to Skin is science. To be able to work full time on research and development in this field, gives me love for my profession. Seldom in my career as a scientist have I had the benefit of developing products made with unlimited, top quality and often costly active ingredients. Working with Seed to Skin, has given me that and more. The satisfaction I derive from creating formulas with these exceptional ingredients is immense, giving individual care and attention to each product, one-by-one. Seed to Skin keeps its promises and is a genuine story: each piece is the result of passionate scientific pursuit proven by clinical studies.”

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