La storia della nostra fondatrice

Come la storia e la passione di una donna hanno rivoluzionato la skincare naturale

Jeanette Thottrup con una pecora

Le radici di Seed to Skin

Il nostro cammino verso una skincare innovativa

Seed to Skin è il frutto di rigorose ricerche e approfondimenti avviati dalla fondatrice di Borgo Santo Pietro, Jeanette Thottrup, ma la storia va ben oltre. L’origine della nostra straordinaria linea di skincare affonda le sue radici nel percorso di vita di Jeanette, dove Seed to Skin ha preso vita per la prima volta.

Originaria della Danimarca, Jeanette ha lavorato come stilista a Londra prima di trasferirsi in Toscana con il marito, il famoso imprenditore edile Claus Thottrup, nel 2011. Insieme hanno creato Borgo Santo Pietro, un’incantevole oasi di pace nella campagna italiana, che include un boutique hotel a cinque stelle, una fattoria biologica, due ristoranti stellati Michelin e una scuola di cucina. Grazie alle cure e all’attenzione prestata alla loro tenuta, il loro lavoro portava frutti, ma i successi della coppia erano eclissati dalla loro difficoltà di costruire una famiglia. Dopo vari trattamenti inutili, tra cui la fecondazione assistita, Jeanette ha deciso di rivolgersi alla medicina alternativa. Insieme a Claus ha cambiato drasticamente stile di vita, optando per una dieta equilibrata, scegliendo l’agopuntura e i rimedi naturali; due anni dopo nasceva il loro figlio.

Traendo ispirazione dalla sua esperienza personale, Jeanette si è dedicata allo studio della medicina naturale ed è diventata terapeuta di Journey. Mentre s’immergeva completamente in questo settore, si è resa conto che i principi attivi naturali, in combinazione con la scienza molecolare avanzata, possedevano un enorme potenziale non ancora sfruttato nel campo del trattamento della pelle. Coniugare questi due ambiti è diventato quindi il suo obiettivo; per continuare le sue ricerche, un innovativo laboratorio è stato creato nel cuore di Borgo Santo Pietro. Nel corso dei seguenti cinque anni, Jeanette e la nostra farmacista cosmetologa, la dottoressa Anna Buonocore, hanno lavorato incessantemente per coniugate le conoscenze di Jeanette sugli ingredienti naturali con le competenze scientifiche della dottoressa. Il risultato è Seed to Skin, un sistema molecolare di skincare naturale, la cui efficacia nel rigenerare attivamente e ringiovanire la pelle da dentro è stata clinicamente dimostrata.

Secondo Jeanette, Seed to Skin è l’evoluzione naturale del suo percorso di vita: un viaggio pieno di passione, distillato con amore in ogni vasetto di Seed to Skin.

Il nostro team al laboratorio
Sei tanto giovane quanto la tua passione, tanto vecchio quanto le tue paure, tanto essenziale quanto il tuo coraggio, tanto limitato quanto il tuo giudizio

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Fashion and lifestyle blogger, @niomismart pampering herself at our @Borgosantopietro estate in #Tuscany. “Seed to Skin is one of my favourite #beauty brands", says Niomi, and we couldn't be more thrilled!

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Let's talk about chemicals!
You would never put chemicals onto your food, would you? So why put them on your skin??
Studies say that statistically, women apply an average of 168 different chemicals a day onto their #skin. Between your #skincare and body care #regime, this can add up.
Quality #naturalingredients are more expensive to produce than products that are based on synthetic ingredients but they can work just as well or better than their chemical counterparts if paired with science. At Seed to Skin, we steer clear of ingredients that aren’t good for your skin,
or for you! We use the purest #natural ingredients with high-tech science so that the actives are delivered where they're needed most. Giving you results without all the nasty chemicals. #Conscious #GreenBeauty

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Holiday skin has that summer glow because we spend our time getting vitamin D from the sun, we're in and out of the sea with its high salt and mineral levels and we generally eat better, de-stress and drink more fluids. To maintain that glow we need to exfoliate more frequently to remove sunscreen and oils that can buildup with the heat and humidity. An #eveningritual with The Awakening can gently #exfoliate sun kissed skin and replenish nourishment to keep your #skin soft and #supple.
Bear in mind that after #exfoliation your skin will be more susceptible to burning, it's extremely important to use sunscreen every day when you expose yourself to sun rays. ☀️ #naturalskincare #scrub #seedtoskin #greenbeauty #selfcare #beautifulbalance #beautifulskin #bodycare #loveyourskin #greenmolecularscience
Our house is aflame. Thousands of man-made fires burning in the Amazon rainforest are choking the area with smoke and putting fragile habitats at risk. Often referred to as the Earth’s lungs, the Amazon #rainforest produces 20% of our planet’s oxygen and its health is critical to the fight against #climatechange.
So what can we do?

Seed to Skin is supporting @EarthAlliance and its local partners in the Amazon dedicated to fighting fires on the frontlines and protecting the incredible biodiversity of this life-giving biome.

From now until the end of September we will be donating 20% of all online sales to Earth Alliance’s Amazon Forest Fund.

Every action, no matter how small, makes a difference. We can all have a positive impact by being conscious consumers, adopting environmentally friendly habits and staying informed about situations that concern the #future of our planet.

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Borgo Santo Pietro
At Seed to Skin we love #essentialoils.
We use them to enhance our formulas and improve their effectiveness.
With so many favourites, we thought we would shine a spotlight on one of our superstars. 💚
Melissa is also known as lemon balm and is one of the most expensive essential oils because of its low yield from the plant.
It was first used by the ancient Romans as a healing elixir. #Melissa is classified as being calming, #soothing, #healing and tightening on the #skin, whilst also stimulating circulation. It is thought to be great for acne and sunburned skin.
The plant has strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action.
One of the most beneficial reasons to use Melissa is that two of its compounds, caffeic acid and ferulic acid, have the ability to penetrate through the top layers into the deeper cutaneous layers of the skin and provide protection against UV radiation-induced skin damage. ✨🌱
Our founder, Jeanette, shares her personal tips and top picks: “When I want to look my best, I turn to my superstar arsenal of Seed to Skin products. First, I start with The Black Magic mask to thoroughly oxygenate, detoxify, firm and smooth my skin. After twenty minutes I remove it and apply a second mask of The Golden Dew. Its deep moisturising effect works below the surface to visibly plump and refine my skin for a fresh dewy look. I’m careful to cover critical areas above the lip and around the eye where it helps smooth the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Once the mask is completely dry, I remove it and apply our moisturizing complex, The Cure, to thoroughly nourish my skin. Then I’m ready to apply foundation and makeup. The final trick up my sleeve? I toss The Dew Mist in my bag for an instant spritz of refreshment and hydration on-the-go.” ✨

Order Jeanette’s Pick and you’ll receive a 20 ml. bottle of The Cure as our gift to you!

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‘Every woman has the right to beautiful skin.’ At #seedtoskin we are specialists in creating sublime formulas that will transform your beauty regime. This reflects our #natural is best ethos as we work tirelessly to harness the goodness of Mother Earth.. If you are looking for that special something within your beauty regime do check out our newly launched products!

Our revolutionary new deep moisturising mask The Golden Dew is intensely hydrating and smooths the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and visibly plumps and refines the skin for a deliciously dewy look. The texture is lightweight, almost watery, and sinks into your skin immediately.

Our Dew Mist perfectly compliments The Golden Dew. It is our intense hydrating moisture mist, a revitalising spray that
intensely hydrates and maintains the skin’s moisture balance.

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