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The Peace

Probiotic Pink Clay Soothing Mask

This pink clay powder mask is a deeply soothing treatment for stressed and sensitive skin. Enriched with 100% active ingredients it calms and soothes the skin, improves texture, promotes moisture retention and leaves the skin glowing.


50 ml

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Actions and Actives


Pink Mineral Clay and an active blend of  Pre and Probiotics, Yacon Root, Capers Extract, Olive Leaf Extract and Prickly Pear Extract provide relief for irritated, uncomfortable skin and help restore a radiant complexion. 

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Kaolin, Oryza sativa starch, Maltodextrin, Capparis spinosa fruit extract, Lactobacillus, Olea europaea leaf extract, Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide, Opuntia ficus-indica stem extract, Polymnia sonchifolia root juice, Allantoin

How to use


Blend two scoops of The Peace with a little water. Apply this mask over entire face and neck avoiding the eye area. For enhanced benefits, substitute the water with a few sprays of The Alche’mist. Let the mask dry for 10 minutes then rinse off with water. For better results, remove with damp face cloth.

  • ‘Made with natural ingredients from the gardens of Tuscan estate Borgo Santo Pietro, this calming clay mask reduces redness and sensitivity. Good for days when skin feels tight, sore or compromised.’

    Tatler Online – Olivia Bennet
  • ‘The Peace probiotic pink clay smoothing mask soothes stressed skin, helps to support its defenses and boosts radiance.’

    You Magazine – Edwina Edams

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5.0 | 3 reviews
By Amy Norris
When 2 years ago
This mask really helps relieve the redness in my face.
By Amy Norris
When 2 years ago
Such a beneficial mask. I love what it does for my skin.
By Maisie Kent
When 2 years ago
I have really sensitive skin and this mask really calms and nurtures. I really love it.