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  • 'Seed to Skin keeps its promises and is a genuine story: each element is the result of passionate scientific pursuit proven by clinical studies'

    Cosmetic Scientist, Dr. Anna Buonocore
  • 'Finding a natural skincare brand with the clinical studies to back-up their anti-aging claims is often hard, so run don’t walk to Liberty London to try Seed to Skin’s lightweight, botanical range'

    Harper’s Bazaar UK
  • 'Seed to Skin really feels like true luxury'

    Glamour - Niomi Smart
  • 'Here, deep cleansing and sculpting facials leave you glowing with vitality. Then there’s the magic of the Vitamin Infusion Facial, which delves even deeper into the dermis.'

    Tatler Spa Guide 2019
  • 'The spa trip that made me change my beauty routine forever'

    The Telegraph

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    We believe that it is our duty to be resolute in our dedication to sustainability and ethical sourcing. At Seed to Skin we use only the purest botanicals and raw ingredients found in nature. Throughout our product line we incorporate herbs, honey and sheep’s milk directly from our certified organic farm at @BorgoSantoPietro in the heart of Tuscany. What we don’t grow ourselves we source from a highly selective group of environmentally conscious micro-producers and wild foragers on land and at sea. Healthy soil and clean water are non-negotiable, as they guarantee the superlative quality of Seed to Skin and represent the foundation of our brand integrity.

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    The beginnings of the Divine Cleanse, which contains wonder ingredient Green Marine Clay. ✨
    One of the greatest detoxifying remedies in nature, green marine clay works like a magnet on your skin to attract and extract impurities.
    Extracted from ancient marine beds, its high mineral content has a myriad of other beneficial properties: Copper stimulates skin regeneration, enhances the function of antioxidants and promotes production of collagen and elastin; Magnesium breaks down the skin’s fats and oils and relieves rosacea and acne; Manganese supports the skin's metabolism and antioxidant systems; Zinc boosts immune function and controls inflammation, warding off acne flare-ups; Silica firms and tones the complexion.
    Micro-algae and phyto-nutrient compounds are also anti-inflammatory and naturally soothe troubled skin.
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    “My job is to trial new beauty products. Most of the time that’s insanely rewarding - but my skin wouldn’t necessarily agree as it gets used to its favorites only to be moved on to the newest, latest range that hits my desk. This week I’ve been trialing @seedtoskin_official, a natural smart aging skincare line that has serious clinical trials behind it. After three days of testing and investigating, I have fallen for these two masks that their facialist layered on consecutively. Black Magic Facial Mask clears away impurities and oxygenates the skin for a baby soft touch, while the Golden Dew Facial Mask feeds the complexion with moisture (it contains three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid). In essence, it temporarily puts your skin in a pre-pubescent state.” Thank you to beauty editor @annabeljonesbeauty for sharing your beautiful glow & words.

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    At our laboratory in Tuscany, our lab manager is busy preparing our autumnal supply of the radiance.

    It contains 100% active ingredients which promote cell regeneration and rapid skin transformation. The radiance is made with an enzyme complex and fine mineral crystals which gently remove dead skin cells and polish the skin. The formula also includes probiotics, chlorella, chlorophyll, and chamomile extract.

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    Enter our Halloween Mask Competition

    We are running a mask competition for Halloween and the lucky winner of the best mask photo will receive The Black Magic, our awarding winning oxygen boosting detoxifying mask.

    So share with us your spookiest mask look!

    To enter, simply: ▪️Follow Seed to Skin
    ▪️Tag 2 friends in the comments and ask them to follow us

    Tag us in your best mask images
    Competition closes on the 7th of November.

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    At our on-site lab at Borgo Santo Pietro we use sheep's milk in body care products like The Purity. It's higher in butter fat, protein, vitamins A, B, and E, as well as minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium than cow or goat's milk. Even better? Sheep's milk contains lactic acid (an alpha-hydroxy acid) which is a natural, gentle exfoliant that leaves skin soft and glowing.

    The Purity is a hand and body curative cleanser and a superfood for the skin that helps preserve and improve its youthful appearance ✨ #greenbeauty #greenskincare #greenmolecularscience #luxuryskincare #cleanbeauty #rootedbeauty #seedtoskin #Tuscany #BorgoSantoPietro

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