• The Renew & Restore Ritual Kit

The Renew & Restore Ritual Kit

Double Cleansing and Nourishing Treatment

As we welcome in the cooler season, it’s a great time to renew your skin with an effective double cleansing ritual while restoring skin health with powerful treatment masks. This carefully selected combination of products offers everything your skin needs to be balanced and healthy this autumn and beyond.


Double cleansing ritual

Our double cleansing ritual starts with The Divine Cleanse, which will effectively draw out impurities, excess sebum, and hydrocarbons from environmental pollutants, without disturbing the skin’s natural barrier lipids. Continue with our gentle enzymatic daily face wash The Clarity Cleanse to actively resurface, brighten, and balance the skin. Your skin is now excellently prepared for either The Black Magic – our deeply detoxifying, resurfacing and oxygen boosting mask; or skin brightening and intensely nourishing The Manuka Nutri-Mask.
PRO Tip: For a super smooth complexion and even skin tone, we highly recommend using The Black Magic as your 10 minute exfoliating treatment followed by  The Manuka Nutri-Mask to deeply hydrate, nourish and balance skin.
The result? Ultra-bright, smooth, and healthy glowing skin!

In the set

  • The Divine Cleanse (50 mL)
  • The Clarity Cleanse (50 mL)
  • The Black Magic (20 mL)
  • The Manuka Nutri-Mask (20 mL)


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