• The Bloom Bundle

The Bloom Bundle

Blossom through the season with Jeanette’s springtime favourites

Handpicked by our founder Jeanette for a wonderfully dewy, luminous complexion, our springtime routine will have you shining from within and out. Start your morning with a daily dose of The Divine Cleanse, our double-action emulsifying cleanser – with a splash of water, this marine-clay gel turns to a creamy lather, deep cleaning while boosting collagen production. Refresh the canvas with The Radiance lightweight exfoliating cream, polishing and removing impurities thanks to its super gentle, hyperfine crystals 1-2 a week, and effectively top off skin with a revitalising spritz of The Dew Mist, all day, any hour! Subtle, cool and ultra-hydrating, pair with biweekly The Golden Dew hydro-gel masks for long-lasting luminosity and soft, moisturised skin.

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