• The Masterclass Set
  • The Masterclass Set

The Masterclass Set

Luxury samples for a Seed to Skin journey

Join us on a Seed to Skin journey where you will discover nature’s curative properties enhanced by the results-driven efficiency of innovative science.

The Masterclass Set will allow you to become your own natural skincare expert through a collection of luxury samples along with a step-by-step live consultation where you’ll discover which products are best suited to your skin to create a recommended routine just for you!

Our experts will guide you as you apply the products, learn application tips and techniques and discover the benefits of each.

The personalised consultation will last for an hour.

In the set:

  • The Divine Cleanse, 12 ml
  • The Clarity Cleanse, 20 ml
  • The Radiance, 12 ml
  • The Cure, 12 ml
  • The Golden Dew, 12 ml
  • The Black Magic, 12 ml
  • The Peace, 8 gr
  • The Dew Mist, 20 ml
  • The Alche’Mist™, 20 ml
  • The Midnight Miracle, 3 ml


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How to use


Step-by-step Masterclasses will be hosted on Zoom.

Directions on how to register for the virtual consultation are provided within the set and the link to the masterclass will be emailed to registered attendees on the day of the event. The personalised consultation will last for an hour.

How to Prepare
We also recommend that Masterclass attendees have the below on hand for their consultation:

  • A bowl of warm water
  • A washcloth and towel
  • Something to pull hair back (if needed)
  • A favorite beverage!

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