Founder's Story

How one woman’s passionate journey sparked a natural skincare revolution

Jeanette Thottrup

The Roots of Seed to Skin

Our path to ground-breaking skincare 

Seed to Skin is the product of rigorous research and development pioneered by Borgo Santo Pietro founder, Jeanette Thottrup, but that’s only part of the story. The origin of our extraordinary skincare collection has roots in Jeanette’s personal journey, where Seed to Skin was first planted.

Originally from Denmark, Jeanette worked in London as a fashion designer before moving to Tuscany in 2001 with her husband, renowned builder Claus Thottrup. Together they created Borgo Santo Pietro, an enchanting Italian countryside retreat which includes a five-star boutique hotel, spa, organic farm, Michelin-starred restaurant and cooking school. Under their mindful care the estate blossomed, but the couple’s achievement was clouded by their struggle to start a family. After countless treatments including IVF proved ineffective, Jeanette turned to alternative healing. Together with Claus she dramatically changed her lifestyle - opting for a balanced diet, acupuncture and natural remedies - and two years later their son was born.

Inspired by her experience, Jeanette devoted herself to studying natural medicine and became a Journey Practitioner. As she dug deeper into her field, she discovered the untapped potential of nature’s active properties in skincare when combined with advanced molecular science. Merging the two became her mission, and an avant-garde laboratory was built on the Borgo Santo Pietro estate to carry out her research. Over the next five years Jeanette and Cosmetic Scientist, Dr. Anna Buonocore, worked relentlessly to blend their natural and scientific know-how. The result is Seed to Skin, a nature-based molecular skincare system clinically proven to actively regenerate and visibly rejuvenate your skin from the inside out.

For Jeanette, our collection is the natural evolution of her life’s path - a passionate journey that we have lovingly distilled into every jar of Seed to Skin.

You are young as your passion, as old as your fears, as vital as your courage, as limited as your judgement

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