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Our “nurture via nature” farm philosophy.

Soil vitality

Soil Vitality

The origin of our integrity

Healthy soil is rich in nutrients and host to a myriad of life forms which constitute the foundation of a thriving ecosystem. Proper care of the soil is thus the heart of our “nurture via nature” philosophy on our farm in Tuscany. To this end, we employ only organic farming methods which prohibit the use of synthetic or chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Ensuring our soil’s vitality has invaluable benefits: from safeguarding the health of our bee colonies and providing optimal grazing for our sheep, to keeping toxins out of the environment and boosting essential nutrients in our farm-grown herbs and produce. From the ground up, fertile soil gives life to the transformative properties in our skincare collection, and holds the roots of our integrity at Seed to Skin.


Fostering a thriving habitat

At Borgo Santo Pietro we are committed to the principles of permaculture, a whole-systems methodology that focuses on restoring natural ecosystems through regenerative farming. As such, practices such as rewilding, synergetic landscape design, water resource management, waste minimization and biodiversity are mindfully employed by our team of farmers and gardeners. This holistic and integrative approach protects the estate’s natural habitat, encouraging native flora and fauna to thrive.

"The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all. It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life. Without proper care for it we can have no community, because without proper care for it we can have no life."
Thinker and writer, Wendell Berry

Our Collection


Naturally based, high performance skin and bodycare formulated to work beyond the surface and transform your beauty routine.

  • The Divine Cleanse
    The Divine Cleanse

    The Divine Cleanse

    Dual Detox Marine Clay
    89 - 100 ml
  • The Clarity Cleanse
    The Clarity Cleanse

    The Clarity Cleanse

    Resurfacing Enzyme Treatment
    85 - 100 ml
  • TheAlcheMist1-min

    The Alche’Mist™

    Super Active Serum Spray
    165 - 100 ml
  • The Dew Mist
    The Dew Mist

    The Dew Mist

    Intense Hydrating Moisture Mist
    69 - 50 ml
  • The Cure
    The Cure

    The Cure

    Molecular Cell Regeneration Complex
    189 - 50 ml
  • The Midnight Miracle
    The Midnight Miracle

    The Midnight Miracle

    Cell Recovery Night Oil
    165 - 30 ml
  • The Eye Rescue Duo
    The Eye Rescue Duo

    The Eye Rescue Duo

    Light Time & Night Time Recovery System
    259 - 2 x 15 ml
  • The Peace
    The Peace

    The Peace

    Probiotic Pink Clay Soothing Mask
    85 - 50 ml
  • The Black Magic
    The Black Magic

    The Black Magic

    Detoxifying Oxygen Therapy
    135 - 50 ml
  • The Golden Dew
    The Golden Dew

    The Golden Dew

    Intense Hydrating Moisture Mask
    119 - 50 ml
  • The Radiance
    The Radiance

    The Radiance

    Microdermabrasion Glow Treatment
    75 - 50 ml
  • The Balance
    The Balance

    The Balance

    pH Restorative ‘Oil to Foam’ Body Cleanse
    65 - 300 ml
  • The Purity Hand and Body Cleanser
    The Purity Hand and Body Cleanser

    The Purity

    Restorative Hand and Body Cleanser
    59 - 300 ml
  • The Devotion
    The Devotion

    The Devotion

    Restorative Body Balm
    90 - 300 ml
  • The Serenity
    The Serenity

    The Serenity

    Time Defying Dry Body Oil
    145 - 150 ml
  • The Awakening
    The Awakening

    The Awakening

    Detoxifying Algae Marine Salt Scrub
    135 - 300 ml
  • The Eclipse
    The Eclipse

    The Eclipse

    Daily Sun and Pollution Defence
    79 - 30 ml
  • The Bath Nectar
    The Bath Nectar

    The Bath Nectar

    1000 Tuscan Flowers Bath Oil
    99 - 100 ml
  • The Retreat
    The Retreat

    The Retreat

    Marine Algae Mineral Bath Salt
    85 - 450 gr
  • The Dew Renew

    The Dew Renew

    Step up your glow for the New Year
    188 150,40 -
  • Summer bliss bundle

    Summer Bliss Bundle

    The ultimate summer beauty bundle
    277 221,60 -
  • Seed to Skin Starter kit

    Seed to Skin Starter Kit

    The perfect travelling companion
    285 228 -
  • Jeanette’s beauty picks

    Jeanette’s Beauty Picks

    Personal tips from Seed to Skin’s founder
    323 -
  • Autumn bundle

    The Autumn Bundle

    Nourish, balance and boost your body’s skin
    287 229,60 -
  • glow on the go starter set

    Glow on the Go Starter Kit

    Resurface, Rejuvenate and Regenerate skin
    329 263,20 -
  • The Instant Turnaround-x800

    The Instant Turnaround

    A luxurious skin prep bundle inspired by makeup artist Amy wright
    333,50 266,80 -
  • The Golden Glow

    The Golden Glow

    Activate your radiance with our dynamic duo
    284 227,20 -
  • Cure and Midnight Miracle winter remedy

    The Winter Remedy

    A luxurious duo for a flawless winter complexion
    352 281,60 -
  • cocoon bundle

    The Cocoon Bundle

    The ultimate winter nourishment
    190 152 -
  • Jeanette Christmas glow

    Jeanette’s Deluxe Christmas Glow

    Our founder’s picks for the festive season
    405,50 324,40 -
  • The Urban Dweller

    The Urban Dweller

    Your winter ritual for everyday nourished, dewy skin
    556 444,80 -
  • The Winter Guard

    The Winter Guard

    The perfect remedy against brittle winter skin
    232 185,60 -

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