• Winter Smoke

Winter Smoke

A story of wintertime scents at Borgo Santo Pietro

A sensorial memory of Borgo Santo Pietro during winter reminisces the cold, crisp air, long, dark starry nights and the smell of wood-burning on an open fire in the Tuscan countryside. Infused with the warmth of Borgo, its surrounding lush nature and sun-soaked landscape, this scent envelops your olfactory senses to take you on a journey that invigorated the mind and spirit to celebrate this magical season, leaving a lasting impression until Spring arrives.


150 ml

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About the scent

Share a piece of Borgo Santo Pietro this holiday season with Winter Smoke which tells the tale of a Borgo winter:  woodland walks, medieval stories by a roaring fire, and the tastes of the fruits of the season savoured in a sumptuous setting. A deeply rich and warming fragrance tinged with spices, laden with woody notes of cedar and intense musky undertones.
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Ethyl alcohol, Linalool, Coumarin, Oxydipropanol, Bornan-2-one, Cineole, Geraniol, Nerol

How to use


When ready to use, remove the lid and attach the pump. Portable and effortless, spray 3-5 puffs per room for a delicate and refreshing room scent that won't overwhelm or overpower.

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