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Our Farm

Restoring the eco-balance of the land and maintaining soil integrity are guiding principles on our farm and estate in Italy. From the initial planting of 200,000 trees in the formal gardens and orchards to the elevation of our 270-acre property to organic standards, we are resolute in our dedication to sustainability. Our farm is home to free-range chickens, sheep, honeybees and alpacas, as well as abundant wildlife. Vineyards, fruit trees, a nut field and an extensive vegetable and herb garden have been thoughtfully interspersed with the natural habitat, which includes over 100 acres of rolling green pastures and forests. In addition to providing our restaurants with organically-grown seasonal bounty, our farm provides a medley of fresh ingredients for Seed to Skin. Sheep’s milk, honey and herbs such as rosehip, lavender, calendula, peppermint, rosemary and hypericum are just some of the essential elements used in the creation of our unique skincare collection.

  • Seed to Skin Our Farm

Ethical Sourcing

Earth-friendly from the origin

At Seed to Skin we create highly effective, nutrient-rich skincare using only the purest botanicals and raw ingredients found in nature. Throughout our product line we incorporate herbs, honey and sheep’s milk directly from our certified organic farm at Borgo Santo Pietro in the heart of Tuscany. What we don’t grow ourselves we source from a highly selective group of environmentally conscious micro-producers and wild foragers on land and at sea. Healthy soil and clean water are non-negotiable, as they guarantee the superlative quality of Seed to Skin and represent the foundation of our brand integrity.

Soil Vitality

The origin of our integrity

Healthy soil is rich in nutrients and host to a myriad of life forms which constitute the foundation of a thriving ecosystem. Proper care of the soil is thus the heart of our “nurture via nature” philosophy on our farm in Tuscany. To this end, we employ only organic farming methods which prohibit the use of synthetic or chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Ensuring our soil’s vitality has invaluable benefits: from safeguarding the health of our bee colonies and providing optimal grazing for our sheep, to keeping toxins out of the environment and boosting essential nutrients in our farm-grown herbs and produce. From the ground up, fertile soil gives life to the transformative properties in our skincare collection, and holds the roots of our integrity at Seed to Skin.

  • Seed to Skin Our Farm
  • Seed to Skin Our Farm


Fostering a thriving habitat

At Borgo Santo Pietro we are committed to the principles of permaculture, a whole-systems methodology that focuses on restoring natural ecosystems through regenerative farming. As such, practices such as rewilding, synergetic landscape design, water resource management, waste minimization and biodiversity are mindfully employed by our team of farmers and gardeners. This holistic and integrative approach protects the estate’s natural habitat, encouraging native flora and fauna to thrive.


Pure. Safe. Effective.

Trust in our non-toxic skincare for results that prioritise your skin’s health and well-being from 100% natural derivative ingredients.


Environmentally Driven Innovation

From sustainably sourcing ingredients to minimising waste in our production processes and using environmentally friendly packaging, we strive to reduce our environmental impact while delivering exceptional results for your skin.


Our Ethical Communication

With our commitment to full disclosure, you can trust that our skincare is made with integrity and designed to provide the best possible results.